The eLux Image Administration Service (ELIAS) allows you to easily manage the firmware of devices running eLux. Default images such as recovery.idf contain the operating system and applications but can be modified by using ELIAS. ELIAS helps you create new image definition files (IDF) or modify the existing ones.

For an individual client image, you select exactly those software packages for your IDF you want to have installed on the devices' flash memory. An IDF is a structured package list defining all software packages for the operating system and applications.

Administrators can select all required software packages available in a container and define them in an IDF. Once created, an IDF can be used as target for a firmware recovery or a firmware update. After successful recovery or update to an individual IDF, the firmware image installed on a device is consistent with the image defined in the relevant IDF.

ELIAS is part of the Scout Enterprise Management Suite and is installed as a component of it. For further information, see Installing Scout Enterprise Management Suite in the Installation guide.


ELIAS offers the following features: