Exporting packages and containers

Use the ELIAS Export feature instead of copying files by using the Windows Explorer. This is to ensure that all sub-components and basic information on dependencies are included.

From ELIAS, you can export all packages of an IDF or individual packages:

Exporting all packages of an IDF into a new container

  1. Click Container > Select... to open the existing container.
  2. Click Image > Open... to open an existing IDF, or click Image > New to create a new image. See also Creating a new IDF.
    Alternatively, use the provided icons.
  3. Click Image > Export...
  4. Click Browse and select a target directory as the new container, and then type a name for the IDF.
    Confirm with Save.
  5. Optional: If the target directory, for example on an eLux Recovery USB stick, already contains packages but you only want the defined packages from the IDF, select the option Deleting packages that are not defined in the IDF from the target directory.
  6. Confirm with OK..

The IDF and the defined packages including all features (components) are copied into the new container located in the target directory. The container includes both, the activated and the non-activated features.

Exporting individual packages

  1. To open the relevant container, click Container > Select....

  2. On the right, select one of the packages of the container.

  3. Click Container > Export package....

  4. Select the target directory and confirm with Save.

    The standard name of the package must not be changed. The package is saved to the selected directory.

  5. Repeat these steps until all required packages have been exported.