Importing packages into a container

A container published on our technical portal includes all software packages which have been released for the relevant eLux operating system version. In some cases, there is no need to download a complete container as only few packages suffice.

The Import Packages feature allows you to import either a new software package or to overwrite an already existing package in your container. All features and the software dependencies of a software package are kept.

To import packages, use the ELIAS Import feature instead of copying files in the Windows Explorer. This is to ensure that all sub-components and basic information on dependencies are included.

Do not unpack the .zip file. This is done by ELIAS.

  1. To download individual software packages, sign in at

  2. Under Download > eLux Software Packages, select the container for the required eLux version and download the relevant package.

  3. Save the package on your web server into the directory containing the relevant container. Do not save the package directly into the container!

    The software package is saved as a .zip file.

  4. Start ELIAS and open the required container by clicking Container > Select...

  5. Click Container > Import Package.

  6. Select the .zip file from the file system and click Open. You can open more than one .zip file in one step.

The software package is added to the container currently opened in ELIAS.