Updating existing IDFs

Updating the firmware of your devices can become necessary or reasonable when specific packages are available in a newer version, for example. In ELIAS, you can easily replace individual packages in your IDF.

The installed BaseOS can be replaced quickly and safely by another BaseOS version. All packages required are also replaced by the respective versions, provided you confirm the replacement in the upcoming dialogs.

  1. Make sure that the relevant container is shown on the right. If this is not the case, click Container > Select... and, in the file system, on the FTP or HTTP server, open the relevant container directory (Example: UC_RP6) with the container.ini file.

    The available container packages are listed on the right under Available packages.

  2. Open the relevant IDF. To do so, click Image > Open... and load the relevant .idf file.

    On the left, the list of Defined packages is shown.

  3. Select the relevant container packages on the right and click the left arrow button <== to add them to your IDF.

  4. To activate/deactivate individual features within a defined package, click the + icon of the package on the left, select the relevant feature and press the Spacebar.

  5. To delete a package from the IDF, in the Defined packages list on the left, select the package and click ==>.

    For further information, see Creating a new IDF.

  6. Click Image > Save, or click the relevant icon to save the updated IDF to the container.

The devices will be updated to the modified IDF without further action if they are configured to check for new versions on start or shutdown.

If an IDF is unchanged, the devices will not update to it as Scout checks the file for modifications.