Creating an individual StickWizz file as an installation base

You might want to create a disk image of your image as an installation base on a local or network drive. StickWizz helps you create a bootable USB stick out of the .stw file.


  • PC running Windows 10 or later versions with the ELIAS tool installed
  • Administrator rights for ELIAS
  1. In ELIAS, open the relevant image (.idf).

  2. Click Image > Create StickWizz image...

  3. In the Create recovery image for StickWizz dialog, in the first list-field, select the operating system of the relevant devices for which you want to create the recovery flash drive:

    eLux RP 6 X64 Recovery eLux RP 6 (64 Bit) with and without UEFI
    eLux RP 5 Recovery eLux RP 5
    eLux RP 5 UEFI Recovery eLux RP 5 with UEFI

    Note that, depending on the selected system, the image must contain the relevant eLux packages for the 64 bit kernel and UEFI.

  4. In the second list-field, choose a name for your .stw file. To change the storage location, click Browse.

    By default, the .stw file is saved to the container selected in ELIAS.

  5. Click Create recovery image.

ELIAS creates a recovery image as a disk image in a DD-like format.

By using StickWizz, you can create a bootable USB stick out of the .stw file. For further information, see Creating USB recovery stick from disk image.