Access management via AD

Provided, you have activated the AD logon during installation, AD users can log on to ELIAS 18 with their accounts if they are either members of the ELIAS AD group or are authorized via an access right defined in ELIAS.1

AD group ELIAS

Members of the ELIAS AD group, which has been set up in your AD system for this purpose, can log on directly with their AD account to ELIAS 18.


After installation, you will find a group named elias@<AD domain> in ELIAS under Access rights.
<AD domain> corresponds to the domain specified during installation. Example:

All members of the ELIAS AD group have the Global Admin role and thus access to all functions and all containers.

After the ELIAS installation, you can change the AD group name:

ELIAS access rights2

The users are granted an access right configured in ELIAS. This may be a user or a group of any domain. The access rights are defined by an administrator with global access. Included in the access right is the ELIAS role that defines which functions the users have access to.

Users who are authorized to log on via an ELIAS access right also log on with their AD account. However, authentication is independent of any predefined group or domain membership.


For further information, see ELIAS access rights.