Access management and logon

When you start ELIAS, you will be prompted to log on.

ELIAS 18 offers users three different ways to log on:

By default, the logon types are available side by side and you can switch between them. The user accounts for Active Directory and Keycloak must be prepared for this purpose.

If needed, you can deactivate the local logon option.

Logging on to ELIAS 18

  1. To choose the logon type, click the required tab or the link for Keycloak logon:

    1 AD logon: The AD user account must be authorized for ELIAS.
    2 Local logon with username admin
    3 Logon via Keycloak:2 Redirection to the Keycloak logon page
  2. Type your username and password.

  3. Confirm with Log on.3

The user you are logged on as is shown on the ELIAS menu bar next to the User profile icon.