Logon as local admin

For local logon, use the admin user account. During the installation, you are requested to define an initial password for it. The admin password will be hashed and saved to the file Program Files\Unicon\Scout\ELIAS\server.json under the adminPassword parameter.

The local admin account is equipped with global access and is primarily intended for initial configuration independent of access management via AD or Keycloak. Use the local admin account to define ELIAS access rights. Once you have defined an access right with global access, you may deactivate the local account.

Changing password for local admin account

  1. On the ELIAS menu bar, click Logon.
  2. In the logon dialog, click Change password.

Disabling local admin account

First make sure that there is another admin account with global access.

  1. Edit the fileProgram Files\Unicon\Scout\ELIAS\server.json
  2. Set the adminPassword parameter to an empty string ("").
  3. Restart the ELIAS service in Services.msc.