ELIAS settings

– from ELIAS 18.3 –


Administrator with global access.

Active Directory


For user authentication, the logon types Active Directory and Keycloak can be enabled or disabled.

API address

Server settings and API

1 Protocol used to access the ELIAS server
2 Host name of the ELIAS server
3 Port for the ELIAS service
4 API path
5 Resulting API URL
6 Check accessibility of the ELIAS API


MongoDB server and MongoDB database settings

1 Host name of MongoDB server
2 Username for MongoDB database
3 Password for MongoDB database user
4 Optional parameters for MongoDB server
5 Database prefix for ELIAS databases
6 Name of the base container
7 Check accessibility of the MongoDB server

Log level

Enable or disable enhanced logging (Debug)

By default, enhanced logging is disabled.1

The log files are located in the following directory: