First configuration

During the first boot procedure, a Wizard is launched which helps you through the first configuration. The First Configuration Wizard is also started when you reset the device to factory state.

The First Configuration Wizard offers the following options:

Going through the first configuration and connecting to a Scout Server

  1. Select the display and keyboard language.

    The following languages are supported: English, German, French1 and Spanish2

  2. Read and accept the license terms.
  3. To manage the device via Scout, click Managed.

  4. Enter the address of the Scout Server as FQDN or IP address.

    If your device is to be connected via Scout Cloud Gateway, enter the address of the Scout Cloud Gateway.

  5. Select the destination OU for the device in the Scout Console.

  6. Optionally, modify the device name and enter further details.
  7. Confirm with Finish.

The device is registered in the Scout infrastructure, added to its destination OU, and is restarted. The device contacts the Scout Server and downloads the configuration and application data of the destination OU.

If a profile for this device has already been created in the Scout Console, the device is assigned the configuration of the existing profile.

For further information on connecting via the Scout Cloud Gateway, see Integrating new devices in the Scout Cloud Gateway guide.
For further information on managing devices with Scout, see the Scout guide.