System bar

The System bar provides various functions and can be configured.

Legend to numbers
1 Show Command panel (see below)
2 Show the desktop

Minimizes all open windows and hides the Configuration panel if open

3 Task panel with open application
4 Quick Config 1
  • For quick access to a Configuration panel dialog, click the relevant live information icon such as Information, Display, Volume...

5 Request device identifier for support2

For further information, see Device identifier for support in the Scout guide.

6 Live information
  • To show current status information, right-click3 a live information icon:

    • Connected USB devices
    • Current network connection
    • Battery level for mobile devices
    • Locally connected printers4
  • To show information on active third-party software such as Citrix, Zoom, Cisco Anyconnect, click the more icon
7 Time and date
  • To show the date, move the mouse pointer over the time.

8 Show the Configuration panel5