Desktop views

The desktop offers two views. To switch between views, click the desktop icon in the lower left section of the screen:

View Click Description
All Applications Shows all defined applications as application icons on the desktop
Desktop Shows only few predefined applications and user-selected application icons on the desktop (Personal Desktop)

As soon as the user has set up a personal desktop and defined applications for it, the Desktop view is displayed by default after start-up. Otherwise, the All Applications view is displayed.1

Specifics for Citrix StoreFront

When you use Citrix StoreFront, each store is also displayed as a separate view:

After the user has successfully connected to a store, a separate view is created with the applications provided by the Citrix backend in that store. The StoreFront applications are additionally shown in the All Applications view. The separate Store view is closed when the user disconnects from the store. The Citrix icon changes the appearance depending on the connection status.