Desktop dialog

Option Description
Language Language for displaying desktop elements and configuration

The following languages are supported: English, German, French1 and Spanish2

Applications are also started in the configured language but must be compatible with it in order to run correctly.

Keys to switch applications Key combination to switch between applications or sessions

The default is ALT+CTRL+↑ to avoid conflicts with ALT+TAB which is used to switch between the tasks within a session.

Keys to lock screen3
(AD users)
Key combination to activate password-protected screen saver

Default: <Ctrl><Alt>End

Keys to log off4
(AD users)
Key combination to log off current user

The logon dialog is then displayed.

Desktop background color Text field for the background color, can be entered as a hexadecimal value or as a CSS color name

Example: #FF0000 or gold

System bar Display options for the system bar

If you hide the Configuration panel, you cannot access the configuration any longer. Neither can you unlock the configuration panel with the device password. You need to synchronize the configuration data to the server-side settings or perform a factory reset. For further information, see eLux commands.


For further information on how to define keyboard shortcuts, see Defining keyboard shortcuts in the Scout guide.