Information dialog

Option Description
MAC address MAC address of the device
IP address IP address of the device
Name Host name of the device
Serial number Serial number of the device
Installed image Name of the currently installed IDF
Scout Server Scout Server that manages the device
Info1-3 The Info fields can be edited by the users if they have the relevant user right. They are already provided in the First Configuration Wizard.
Logged-on user
(with AD user authentication)
Username of the logged-on user
View system info
  • Host ID
  • Current status of Subscription
    Double-click the magnifier icon to view details on the license lease (if managed through Scout).
  • eLux version
  • Hardware information such as CPU clock speed , RAM size and BIOS version
  • Installed software packages including version numbers

Opening the Information dialog via key combination

The Information dialog can be hidden via the user rights.1