Diagnostics dialog

The following diagnostic options are provided:


Option Description
Log level Choose between Standard and Enhanced for different amounts of configuration and log files.

Use the Enhanced log level only temporarily, otherwise you risk exceeding the flash memory capacity of your device.

Send to Configure the destination: Where do you want to send the files?
DisplayOpens the Log Viewer window in eLux showing various diagnostic files with their contents
FTP addressThe files are transferred to an FTP server
Specify the address under FTP address.
Scout ServerBy default, the files are transferred to the Scout Server,
to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\UniCon\Scout\Console\Diag

A different destination server may be configured in the Scout Console.

File systemThe files are saved to a local data medium or USB device.

The following options are only visible after you have chosen a destination (except Display):

Screenshot (only if destination ≠ Display) After you click Execute, with a 5 second delay, a screenshot is taken and transmitted with the diagnostic files. Screenshots are created as .png files under /tmp.
User file (only if destination ≠ Display) Users can select a local file to be transmitted with the diagnostic files.
Directory / server address (only if destination ≠ Display)) File system directory or server address (Scout Server or FTP-Server) for transmission of the diagnostic files
Ping Allows users to ping any host (IP address or FQDN)1
Execute Displays or sends the selected amount of diagnostic files to the configured destination

If the destination is not Display, the diagnostic files are organized in directories such as setup, var, tmp and sent in a .zip file.

The systemd-journal.log (Enhanced log level) logs network activities.2