Mirror settings

The settings for mirroring are part of the device configuration and can be found in the configuration panel under Scout. As always, they are only shown with the relevant user rights granted.

Option Description
Enabled Mirroring must be enabled before a mirror session can be started.
Password (optional) If you define a mirror password, the administrator will need to enter it at the beginning of a mirror session. The device can only be mirrored by persons who know the password.

The password must have 6 characters minimum and 8 characters maximum.

Read-only access Allows the mirroring administrator to read only, not to write
User must confirm Before a mirror session can be started, the user must confirm.
Encrypted transmission The mirroring data are transferred using an encrypted connection.
Allow from Scout only Mirroring is only allowed if the Scout Console is used.
Log mirror session Each mirror session is logged.

The user can cancel a mirror session at any time. During the entire session, a message is shown to inform the user about the current mirror session.