eLux provides two kinds of applications 

Lean devices and cloud devices are mainly used as terminals in server-based computing. Remote means that the applications such as Windows applications run on a remote server. Still, client-side software is required to initiate and maintain a session.

By nature, lean devices such as thin clients have limited resources, meaning the majority of applications are server-based. However, in addition to server-applications, eLux also offers a variety of local applications. Local means the application runs locally on the devices. Local applications include browser software, a local shell (XTerm), and desktop tools.

Usually, applications are defined centrally in the Scout Enterprise Management Suite and made available to the devices. Applications can also be defined locally on the device.

The following topics describe how to configure both, applications for connecting to back-end systems and local applications. In addition, further configuration may be required in the application itself. For further information on configuring terminal sessions, please consult the manufacturer’s product documentation.