Resetting a device to factory state

A factory reset causes the system to reset local configuration data.

Resetting a device to factory state can be useful for troubleshooting, for example, if the locally defined device configuration does not work correctly.

  1. Show the Command panel of the System bar, and then, click the Factory reset button.

  2. Confirm with Yes.

The device configuration is set back to initial state.1 Local application definitions and locally stored configuration data are deleted. The connection data to the Scout Server are deleted.

The installed image with all software packages (firmware) is retained.


On the next restart, the device acts like in initial operation. If it is part of a Scout infrastructure, the device can be reconnected to a Scout Server via the following methods:

The device subsequently receives the configuration of the OU to which it is assigned.


Devices managed via Scout may be reset remotely by the administrator. In this case, the connection to Scout with server address and OU ID can be maintained.