Configuring Active Directory environment

All users whose devices are to be connected to their Scout Server via the Scout Cloud Gateway must be authorized via AD groups and assigned to an OU.

  1. In your AD system, create a group for each OU of an Scout Server that you want users to access through the gateway.

    The group names must have the following format:

    Prefix that is defined in the SCG WebAdmin interface  ID number of the OU

    Example: SCG_Group_333

    The prefix identifies groups for the Scout Cloud Gateway.The devices used by the members of the created group to log on are automatically assigned to the defined OU ID. The prefix is predefined as
    and can be changed in the gateway configuration of the SCG WebAdmin interface.

    The ID of an OU is shown in the Scout Console in the Properties window.

  2. Add the relevant AD users to the defined groups.

    Avoid assigning a user to multiple groups with this prefix, since a device can only be assigned to one OU at a time.

Users are authorized to access their Scout Server via the Scout Cloud Gateway. They can register with their devices as soon as the gateway is configured. The devices will be assigned to an OU via the AD users and their membership in a specific AD group.