Static IP routes

– from Scout Cloud Gateway 1.3 –

To ensure the accessibility of your resources such as Scout Server, Active Directory, NTP and DNS, add static IP routes to the SCG machine. Static routes can be set for the external and internal network interface on the instance in the relevant configuration file provided:


The syntax to be used can be found in the freedesktop documentation for the systemd-networkd service

under [Route] Section Options.

Adding static routes

  1. Connect to the SCG instance via SSH.
  2. Edit the configuration file for the relevant network card and insert a section for each route according to the following example:


    GatewayOnlink is required when you use DHCP and ensures that the route is set after the DHCP settings.

  3. Restart the machine.
    Alternatively, restart the systemd-networkd service using the following command:
    systemctl restart systemd-networkd


To check the result, use the command ip route. Example:
root@xxx-scg-1:~# ip route

For the example above, it provides the following information : via dev internal proto static onlink