The Scout Cloud Gateway (SCG) may either be installed and run as a Debian package on Linux or operated on a virtual machine (VM).

For the VM installation, you need a virtualization platform. Unicon provides an OVF template (.ova) that you use to install your VM. The MongoDB database and web server used by the Scout Cloud Gateway are installed and preconfigured with it.

The Debian variant is installed with a Debian package. You install the MongoDB database yourself, the configuration for database and web server is supplied.

To configure your SCG instance, connect to it via a web browser and use the SCG WebAdmin interface.

To give users and their devices access to the corresponding OUs, define AD groups with a defined prefix and the OU ID in your Active Directory system. Then assign the users to them. Alternatively, configure Keycloak for authentication or create SCG accounts. For further information, see General configuration.

The devices will be integrated via the eLux First Configuration Wizard.