Unicon's Scout Cloud Gateway is a convenient solution for managing devices that are on the Internet and have to be connected to their Scout Server via VPN. Home office devices or mobile devices in changing environments can thus be conveniently and securely connected to the existing infrastructure without the need for a VPN backend.

The Scout Cloud Gateway (SCG) comes with a VPN infrastructure – the VPN connection is established and provided automatically. The first time an eLux device connects, users are required to authenticate. After successful authentication, the SCG transmits the VPN configuration and Scout Server address to the device. This communication uses the secure management protocol.

eLux RP 6 devices1 have the VPN software already on board.

For each device, the system creates a certificate for client authentication which the administrator can view, revoke or renew at any time.

The Scout Cloud Gateway is tailored to eLux device management via the Scout Enterprise Management Suite and supports environments with multiple Scout Servers.One gateway instance can connect around 1024 devices from the Internet. To connect a larger number of devices, you can install multiple gateway instances in a cluster. The instances exchange necessary information with each other. Clustering makes the Scout Cloud Gateway scalable: Thousands of devices in the home office can be connected smoothly.

A further advantage is that the devices can be used dynamically both from the Internet and the Intranet. With the appropriate network configuration, the devices can be easily integrated and operated in their environment via the Internet or Intranet. The system then automatically recognizes whether it is on the Internet or the Intranet. Only when used outside the Intranet for the first time, the user has to enter his logon data for the Scout Cloud Gateway.

This convenient option for dynamic use can also be used for preparing and rolling out new devices.


The Scout Cloud Gateway is offered as a Debian installer and as a virtual machine with an image using Ubuntu 20.04.2 For further information, see System requirements.

To configure and manage your gateway, the SCG WebAdmin interface is provided.