Integrated VPN

For the Scout Cloud Gateway, OpenVPN is operated in routing mode (TUN device). This operating mode is recommended as the more efficient method: The VPN operates in layer 3 carrying only IP packets, which reduces bandwidth load.

For each connected device, one IP address is required (subnet topology).1

For a given number of devices to be managed, determine the required subnet mask that filters your IP address (VPN range). In Configuration > Gateways, for your instance, enter the subnet mask in dotted decimal notation.


Subnet mask/CIDR  Subnet mask/dot-decimal Max. number IP addresses
/27 30
/26 62
/25 126
/24 254
/23 510
/22 1022

The maximum number of available IP addresses corresponds to the maximum number of devices that can be connected.

The device manages the leases itself and acts like a miniature DHCP server. One lease ist valid for 10 minutes.


In earlier versions,2 the die net30 OpenVPN topoly is used and the OP address range must be large enough to provide each device with four IP addresses. Each device receives its own network with four IP addresses (network, broadcast, virtual IP and client IP) and with a /30 subnet mask.


From eLux 6.9, OpenVPN in version 2.4.7 is used.