– from SCG 1 2209

In the SCG Dashboard, various widgets show the most important key figures and key performance indicators so that you can get an overview of the entire infrastructure at any time.


1 Total number of all connected devices
2 Currently connected and disconnected devices
3 Number of connected and disconnected devices
4 Devices that have not been connected for at least one month / at least one year
5 Devices whose device certificate has expired / will soon expire

Load Balancing

1 Total number of all connected devices

with current distribution to instances

2 Number of gateway instances that are currently online, offline, or not configured

Unconfigured gateway instances can be freshly installed instances or disabled instances.

3 Number of VPN servers on the gateway instances that are currently online, offline, or not configured

If a VPN server is not configured, Configuration > Gateways > Gateway-specific configuration is missing.

4 Total number of possible device connections

with display of instances that have only a few free IP addresses left


Average CPU and RAM usage, as well as memory across instances.

The instance with the highest values is displayed.


1 Name of the current Scout Server

CA certificate or self-signed certificate that ensures secure communication between SCG and devices

see Configuration > Server device settings

2 Selected Identity provider

For SCG authentication additionally number of tokens

see Configuration > User authentication

3 Health check service active or inactive

Web server configuration

see Configuration > Monitoring and Configuration > Gateways

4 Latest SCG version in the cluster

Number of instances that are on earlier version

Number of SCG administrators with roles

see Configuration > SCG administrators

Administrator activities

Various activities are logged, including configuration value changes and adding/changing/deleting gateway instances.

The old values are crossed out, the new ones are underlined.