Commands for device management

Scout commands for device management are applied to an OU, an individual device or a list of devices.They can be applied at once or scheduled to be run once or periodically.

General options for Scout commands

Scheduling options
-now Command is executed at once
-once -at DateTime Command is executed at once at the time specified
-every {-day Day | -sun | -mon | -tue | -wed | -thu | -fri | -sat} -at Time Command is executed periodically in the time period specified
The following date and time formats are allowed:

Time hh:mm[:ss
Day Example: With 15, the 15th of the month is meant.

Example of a periodically recurring command:
scmd -sendmsg -msg “Hello“ -to /TestOU -every -mon -day 1 15 -at 9:00

The message is sent every Monday and at the 1st and 15th of every month at 9:00.

Destination options
-to FQName For FQName, the following options are available:
  • Fully-qualified name of an OU or device
    Example: DE/Karlsruhe/KA1
  • MAC address of one device
    Example: 00E0C5422A2E
    Specify also the -mac parameter!
  • Text file containing multiple MAC addresses (one MAC address per line)
    Example: devices_xy.txt
    Specify also the -list parameter!
-subous If you specify an OU as destination (-to), the subordinated OUs are included.
-mac Use this parameter if you specify a MAC address as destination (-to).
-list Use this parameter if you specify a device list (text file) as destination (-to).

Send messages

Restart devices

Switch off devices

Switch on devices1

Perform firmware updates

Deliver software

Perform a configuration run

Refresh the device status2

Reset to factory status3