Viewing administrator activities

The activities of all administrators are logged according to the defined monitoring level in Security > Manage administrators.

You can view the logs in the Scout Console and you can export them.

1.  In the Scout Console, select Security > Manage administrators.

2.  Under Monitoring, click View protocol.

The Activities dialog opens and shows the activities of all administrators.

3.  To export log entries into a text file, select the relevant entries and click Export selected items.


Monitoring levels

The monitoring levels 0-3 build on each other. Level 0 only logs changes to the monitoring level itself.1 At each level further activities are added. Logging with monitoring level 3 is the most detailed.

Use monitoring level 3 only temporarily for diagnostic purposes, since all database transactions are additionally logged.

Activities / level 1 Activities / level 2 Activities / level 3
Log on Save / Delete / Rename application All SQL statements executed due to administrator activities in the console
Log off Upload application  
Deny logon Save2 / Delete / Rename device  
Add / Activate / Delete license Save3 / Delete / Rename OU  
Add administrator Save device configuration  
Edit / Delete administrator rights Save advanced device configuration  
Change administrator policies Save advanced options  
Request mirroring of a device Discover devices  
  Schedule/perform Scout command4  
  Set / Delete relocation notification  
  Set / Delete update notification  
  Set / Delete delivery notification  
  Set / Delete UEFI update notification  
  Service Provider Mode: Assign tenant - device / Remove assignment