Kiosk mode for Firefox

– for Firefox up to version ESR 52.8 1 and from version 71.0 –

For eLux RP 6.5 and later versions, you can use the Builtin Browser in kiosk mode. For further information, see Browser in kiosk mode (< eLux RP 6 2212).

The kiosk mode starts the browser in full-screen mode and with limited user rights. The user cannot open other windows and cannot exit the browser.

By default, the browser window is displayed without address bar and navigation buttons. So users are forced to stay on the predefined web page and cannot exit.

Kiosk mode is suitable if the users are supposed to see only one website and not use further applications on the device. For correct use of the kiosk mode, we recommend that you disable related functions such as restarting the device and opening the Config panel. For further information, see Device configuration > Security.

Configuring kiosk mode

Firefox supports kiosk mode again starting with version 71.0, but without configuration options. With Scout 15 2110, the Firefox application definition is adapted and offers only the option Enable kiosk mode.

  1. In the application properties of your browser application, click Advanced.

  2. On the Kiosk mode tab, edit the following fields:

    Option Description
    Enable kiosk mode Activates the kiosk mode
    Display navigation bar2 Allows using browser tabs despite kiosk mode

    Users can view multiple web pages of the defined web site concurrently

    Add print button3 Allows using browser tabs and provides a Print feature despite kiosk mode
    Add address bar4 Allows using browser tabs and provides the address bar including navigation buttons despite kiosk mode
  3. Confirm with Apply and OK.

On the next restart, the Firefox browser opens in kiosk mode.