Configuring Citrix Self-Service for kiosk mode

– from Scout 15 21071


The eLux package Citrix Workspace-App for Linux must be installed on the devices.
The eLux package Citrix Extensions 2.x or later and the included feature package Self-service wrapper must be installed on the devices.

For modifications on the Citrix dialog design, further feature packages must be installed on the devices:
Dialog Extension and Self-service dialog themes

This may require modifications of the image definition file on the web server via ELIAS.

  1. For Citrix Self-Service, first configure the settings, see below.These apply to all stores.

  2. In the Kiosk mode / Citrix Self-Service dialog, ceate a new store.To do so, click New.

  3. Edit the new store:

    Option Description
    Name Display name of the Citrix-Store
    Store URL Web page (URL) that opens immediately after starting the browser
    Autostart resources List of Citrix applications/desktops you want to start automatically after logon

    Currently only available in combination with the MultiStore option

  4. Confirm with OK.

If multiple stores are defined, users can switch between stores using the Store button on the system bar (store selector).Stores marked as favorites are displayed with an asterisk.If MultiStore is configured, users can switch between stores via the logon dialog.For further information on the MultiStore option, see below.

Self-Service settings for kiosk mode

1 MultiStore: During logon, users can choose between pre-defined stores.
2 Logon can be done without passthrough credentials, via Active Directory or with a defined username+password.The password must be ICA-encrypted.
3 Logoff can be done automatically.Set the timer for it.
4 Delay in seconds when the logoff timer is started
5 Display duration for message on logoff
6 Self-Service tries to reconnect all sessions for a store directly after logon to that store (Citrix Self-Service option).
7 Self-Service tries to reconnect all sessions as soon as an application is started or the store is updated (Citrix Self-Service option).
8 Users are allowed to subscribe to extra applications (Citrix Self-Service option)
9 Use one system account for multiple users (Citrix Self-Service option)

The user data are deleted when they close the app or log off.

We do not recommend combining this option with MultiStore.

10 The session is displayed in windowed mode (instead of full-screen) (Citrix Self-Service option).
11 Define domains
12 Define helpers for MultiStore

You no longer have to group stores into environments.


The MultiStore option allows you to predefine multiple stores - optionally in different domains.Define one of the stores as the default store.Users are then presented with a Citrix Self-Service logon dialog from which they can choose between the preconfigured domains and stores.The default store is pre-selected as the Home location with its domain.

1 Configurable title text (MultiStore title)
2 Users must log on with their username and password.
3 Predefined domains
4 Predefined stores
5 Users are redirected to your password reset page, to be defined under Helper.

If you have defined auto resources for a store, the specified desktops or applications are started automatically after logon.

The store selector on the system bar is not available to the users.To switch to another store, users log off and return to the logon dialog.

Note the following for configuration:


Domain definition is required if you use MultiStore or – without MultiStore – if you configure Passthrough for Active Drectory.

1 Display name for domain
2 Domain as FQDN
3 URL for a page that allows resetting passwords (MultiStore only).


– only MultiStore –

A helper URL links to an existing password reset page.To access this page, users click a button in the MultiStore logon dialog.

You can define one helper URL per domain.This is normally done when you define a domain.

To configure the button for the users and the behavior of the browser with reset page, use the Helper dialog.

Option Description
Button text Button label in the MultiStore logon dialog

Example: Forgot password?

By default, this text is additionally shown in the browser title bar above the reset page.

Timeout Timeout for launching the Bultin browser and loading the password reset page
Options Optionally, specify additional parameters for the browser start.

Example: --title "Reset password"

If users do not remember their password, they click the relevant button in the MultiStore logon dialog.This launches the Builtin browser and loads the helper URL defined for the domain the user is logging on to.

Design of the Citrix dialogs

Option Description
Name Name of the Citrix theme

Default: ucselfservice

Window decoration The windows are displayed with window decoration.
On hovering…

Background color for list elements on mouse hover (Citrix list selection widgets)

Default: #e6f1f7

Unselected… Background color for unselected list elements(Citrix list selection widgets)

Default: #ffffff

Selected… Background color for selected list elements (Citrix list selection widgets)

Default: #cce3f0