Executing commands

1 Allows to switch to other commands
2 Users are informed before command execution, see Command options.
3 Users are allowed to prevent the command execution.
4 Command-specific option
5 Only switched-on devices1
6 Time of command execution, see Scheduling commands
7 Delay of execution between devices
8 Apply command additionally on devices in subordinate OUs
  1. For the relevant device, OU or Dynamic Client Group, from the context menu, choose Commands.

  2. From the sub-menu, choose a command.

    The Command dialog opens. The options shown depend on the selected command.

  3. Check the target devices to which the command is sent: To show the complete title with relevant device or OU, move the mouse pointer over the title bar.

  4. Edit the relevant options. For further information, see Command options and Scheduling commands.

  5. Confirm with Execute or Schedule.

The command is executed at the specified time. Depending on the command, you are asked to confirm.