Wiping the data disk

– from eLux RP 6 2204

To permanently erase all data of devices from their flash memory, a script is available that you can apply as a user-defined command. The script overwrites all partitions of the primary disk with zeros.

  1. Make sure that the devices have the required operating system version.

  2. For the relevant device, OU or Dynamic Client Group, from the context menu, choose Commands > User-defined command.

  3. To run the script, below User-defined command, enter the following command:
    wipe-device really-wipe

    The script must be run with the really-wipe parameter to prevent accidental execution and wiping of the disk.

  4. Select Run with system rights.

  5. Click Execute.

The relevant devices confirm the command execution (last contact to the Scout Server) and shut down. The devices then restart one more time with the core installer, which zeros all partitions of the disk. After that, the devices shut down finally.