Defining an individual template

In addition, authorized administrators may define further templates containing files and script. The templates are available globally, no matter where you define them.


Object right Edit diagnostic templates (disabled by default)1

  1. On the context menu of a device, choose Device diagnostics > Request files.

    In the Edit diagnostic files dialog, the predefined #System template and, if defined, further templates are shown.

  2. Click New... (1). Enter a name for your new template and confirm with OK.

  3. To define diagnostic files for your template, select the new template and, next to the file list, click Edit (2).

    In the text box, enter the relevant file names with path, line by line. Confirm with Save.

  4. To enter script code you want to run on the device, next to Additional script, click Edit (3). Authenticate with the device password.2

    In the text box, enter your code and confirm with Save.

When you perform the device diagnostics feature with Request, all selected templates are included. Whether all of the listed files of the #System template are written and transferred, depends on the configured log level.