Further diagnostic adjustments

– from Scout 15.11 and eLux RP 6.11 –

Diagnostic files over multiple device restarts


Enhanced logging must be enabled.

When you request diagnostic files, a set of log and configuration files is retrieved and packed on the target device. Included is the file last_boot.zip, which contains diagnostic files over a device restart. This .zip file contains all files defined for the system template plus some additional ones. You can specify the number of cycles for which the file is created and saved on shutdown of the device. The default is set to five.

The most recent file is named last_boot.zip.0. The further back a file was created, the later its sequential number in the file name.

Note that the last_boot.zip file is only created, if enhanced logging is active. For further information, see Requesting diagnostic files.

Store diagnostic files persistently

By default, the diagnostic files are stored on the device under /setup/logs.

If you use disk encryption via TPM 2.0, the setup partition will be encrypted. To have the diagnostic files accessible, define the update partition as their storage location. The update partition is then mounted automatically.

Diagnostic adjustments via software package

Provide diagnostic settings for new devices you wish to connect before their initial contact with the Scout Server, during installation. To do so, integrate the eLux software package Diagnostic adjustments into the image to be installed.

The Diagnostic adjustments package contains two feature packages that you can activate separately:

Note that the diagnostic settings set via software package are only effective until the first contact of the device to its Scout Server. Then the device configuration is synchronized and the device receives the configuration data defined for its OU.