Diagnostics scope and content

The amount of diagnostic files requested from a device is defined by two factors:

System template

To perform device diagnostics, a predefined template called #System is provided. This template includes a file list with relevant configuration and log files plus a script code to be run on the device. Neither of them can be edited. You cannot deactivate the system template.

The system template contains the following files:

The defined script contains different system commands that request software and hardware information from the device. Included are for example runtime information, installed packages, active codecs, the update partition, PCI and USB devices. Via fwupdmgr, firmware information about installed components such as the UEFI system or the flash memory is also retrieved.1

The output of the system commands is stored in the mytrace.log file, which is transmitted along with the other files in a .zip archive.

Authorized administrators may define additional custom templates.