Device identifier for support

– from Scout 15 2101 and eLux RP 6 2101

To provide support for users, the first step is to identify the relevant device. As an alternative to the IP address or MAC address in the Information dialog, eLux provides a temporary device identifier that users can easily request.


The users have a question mark icon on the system bar if the user right Request simple device identifier is enabled, which is by default.

  • To request the so-called Simple device identifier, users click 1 the question mark icon and then Request (1).


The system generates and transmits a temporary device identifier for the requesting device (2).

The user gives this device identifier to the support staff or administrator. By default, the device identifier has a validity of five minutes.

The validity time and optional additional text to be displayed can be specified by the administrator in the Scout Console under Options > Advanced options > Rules.