Searching for devices using the Advanced search view

The Advanced search window1 provides further options that allow you to search for devices including multiple filter criteria and wildcard search. You can perform commands and notifications on search results.

  1. Show the Advanced search window. To do so, click View > Window > Advanced search.

    Some fields are shown as columns including a search field.

  2. To show or hide fields as columns, click the button.

    The Adjust dialog with all available fields opens. Configure which fields to show.

    Fields that cannot be used for a search contain the entry N/A.

  3. To change the order of the columns, also use the Adjust dialog.

    The column order is relevant if you want to define multiple filter criteria.

  4. In the desired column, in the search field, enter a search term. To replace characters, you can use the wildcard character % at the beginning or end of the search term.
  5. To start the search, click the filter icon.
  6. To narrow the search, use additional filter criteria in allowed columns.

Use the context menu to perform commands and notifications on the search results.