Keyboard shortcuts

Keys Selected element Description
CTRL+SHIFT+INSERT Individual OU Opens the Advanced device configuration of the selected OU
Applications Opens the Application Properties dialog to define a new application
Devices Opens the Information dialog to enter a MAC address
CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE Individual OU Deletes the selected organization unit
Individual application Deletes the selected application
Individual device Deletes the selected device
F2 Individual OU Rename the selected organization unit
Individual device Rename the selected device
Individual application Rename the selected application
F5 _ Updates the configuration of all devices
CTRL+F _ Activates the Search for devices, OUs or applications field for simple search
CTRL+SHIFT+F _ Opens the Search for devices, OUs or applications window for advanced search
CTRL+X Individual device Cuts the selected device
CTRL+V Devices or individual device Pastes the device from the Clipboard to the selected position
CTRL+A Individual application or device in the List window. Selects all applications/devices in the List window
CTRL+E Individual device Performs a setup comparison
CTRL+P _ Opens the Print dialog to print the list of available devices