Searching for devices (Discovery)

Based on the IP address, you can search for devices throughout the entire network or within specific subnets. Any matching devices are automatically registered to Scout and are added to the specified OU (Destination group). The devices are restarted and receive the configuration of the destination group (device configuration, application definitions, files defined for transfer and advanced file entries).

If the OU filter is active, the filter specifies the destination group or groups. For further information, see Devices.


Searching and registering devices

  1. Make sure that the destination group is configured correctly.

  2. Select Options > Search devices.

  3. Edit the following fields:

    Start address First IP address of the range
    Count Number of IP addresses within the range (restricted to 255)
    End address Last IP address of the range
    Password Device password (default: elux)

    The password must match the password currently set on the individual devices.

    Destination group OU you want to assign the devices to

    Default is the predefined Lost&Found group with the base device configuration.

    If the Destination group field is disabled, the OU filter is active and the matching devices are assigned according to the OU filter rules.

    Inform user The user is informed by a message about the upcoming device restart. Specify in seconds how long the message shall be displayed.
    User can cancel the command Allows the user to suppress the device restart. The configuration is not updated until the device is restarted.
  4. Confirm with OK..

The matching devices receive the IP address of the managing Scout Server. The devices are assigned to their destination group and are restarted. The devices inherit the configuration of their new OU. Local non-protected device configuration is overridden. With immediate effect, on each restart, the devices connect to their Scout Server and, if available, are given the latest configuration and application definition data.

If a device profile has been reserved for a device, the predefined profile is automatically assigned at Discovery.

To modify response time and maximum search time for the Discovery feature, choose Options > Advanced options > Devices > Discover devices.

Devices already registered to Scout are not modified, but their status is updated when connected.