Assign new devices to specific Scout Servers

If you use more than one Scout Server, you can specify in advance to which of them a device will be assigned during the onboarding process.A filter (regular expression) on the MAC address is used as a criterion for the assignment.

The filter rules are defined in an .ini file, which is then transferred to the devices as part of a custom feature package in the image.This way, new devices receive the information to which Scout Server they are to connect, even before the first contact to Scout.

The .ini file, for example scoutmapping.ini, is a text file that is structured according to the pattern below:

 identifier=MAC   pattern=[AB][0-9A-F]$   [Mapping2]   identifier=MAC   pattern=[CD][0-9A-F]$   [Mapping3]   identifier=MAC   pattern=[EF][0-9A-F]$ 

Note the following:

For further details, please contact the Unicon support.