Scheduling relocation process

To carry out the client relocation outside working hours, for example, and to add a slight delay after each device is processed, proceed as follows.


The relocation has been initiated and the relevant devices have their relocation notification.

  1. In the Scout Report Generator, identify all devices with active relocation notification.

  2. Export the identified devices to a Dynamic Client Group.

  3. In the Scout Console, for your Dynamic Client Group, schedule a Restart device command:

    • In the Command dialog, choose date and time of the execution.

    • Specify a delay in milliseconds, that will be applied after the command execution of each device..

The relevant devices are restarted at defined time and then start the relocation process. They obtain their new configuration data from the target server. If you perform the relocation offline, the relevant devices will be removed from the source server, but will only connect to their new server when they can connect to it.