Re-activating OU filter

The OU filter can be deactivated for individual devices - either by applying the relevant option in the Scout Console or by moving devices by a drag-and-drop operation. To bring the relevant devices back to the OU filter, use the Scout Console option Re-activate filter.

  1. Click Options > Advanced options > Devices.
  2. Under New devices, select the option Assign OU depending on the OU filter.

  3. To open the OU assignment dialog, if required, click the button.

  4. In the upper right section, click Reactivate filter...1

  5. Select to re-activate the OU filter for all devices, for an individual organization unit (OU) or for a Dynamic Client Group.

  6. To re-activate the OU filter for an OU or Dynamic Client Group, click the button next to the list-field and select an OU or Dynamic Client Group.

    To include subordinate OUs, select Include sub organization units.

  7. Confirm with Reactivate and OK.

The OU filter is re-activated for the selected devices.