Date and time

Option Description
Time zone Click Change time zone and select the required time zone from the list..
Time server Under Time server, specify the relevant server name or IP address.

The time server must comply with the Network Time Protocol (RFC 1305) or the Simple Network Time Protocol, a simplified form of NTP. Microsoft Windows operating systems include the W32Time service which communicates via SNTP in older versions such as Windows 2000, and uses NTP in later versions. The time service is started automatically.

The service runs on port 123 and uses the UDP protocol.

For further information on the Windows Time Service, see the Microsoft documentation.
For further information on NTP, see

Time format1 The time can be displayed in 24 hour or 12 hour time format.
  • Auto (default)
    The displayed time format depends on the configured display language (see same dialog).

  • 12 hour

  • 24 hour