FollowMe Desktop

– for Scout 15.8 and later versions –

To use this feature, you will need user authentication via Active Directory.

FollowMe Desktop allows you to make user-specific configuration settings that are valid across devices.

In addition to the device configuration option, which is bound to devices, the FollowMe Desktop feature allows users to take their configuration settings with them to any device. Users' configured desktop layout and configured applications "follow" them to any device they log on to.

FollowMe Desktop is configured in the tree structure node of the same name and is implemented as one of the top-level OUs. This FollowMe Desktop instance can be used right away or can act as a container for further FollowMe configurations, which are added as subordinate OUs. This is how a device-independent and cross-hierarchical structure of configurations is mapped, which might be motivated by users' subject-specific functions. For example, a FollowMe Helpdesk OU could contain all application definitions and the desktop layout for Helpdesk employees.

A FollowMe Desktop configuration may consist of application definitions and defined configuration values of the device configuration. For further information, see Scope of configurable options.

The FollowMe configurations are assigned to users via AD properties. The administrator applies filter definitions to the FollowMe Desktop instance and all subordinate OUs, which then filter for the relevant AD membership.

When an AD user logs on to a device that is enabled for FollowMe Desktop, the user's AD properties are matched against the filter definitions of the FollowMe OUs. If a FollowMe configuration with matching filter values is found, the desktop is loaded with the layout and applications defined in that FollowMe OU. When working with the FollowMe configuration, users can make changes to it, such as placing application icons freely on the desktop. These changes, however, will not be saved.

After the user closes his session and logs off, the original device configuration is reloaded.

FollowMe Desktop configurations can be exported and imported.