General tab

Use parent

This option of the General tab is active by default and ensures that consistent device configurations are used. If Use parent device configuration is selected, all other fields of the dialog are disabled: For the relevant device or OU, the device configuration is used that is displayed in the title bar (in the figure IT_Rome). This is where an administrator will normally make any configuration changes.

In some cases, it might be useful to disable the Use parent device configuration option temporarily.

For further information, see Blocking inheritance - independent device configuration.

Additional options

Option Description
Auto-request client application licenses Enables the device to automatically request application licenses when licensed applications are installed or used

To do so, in the License information dialog, select Auto-assign. For further information, see Automatic assignment of application licenses in the License management short guide.

FollowMe Desktop / Request configuration Allows authorized users to use multiple configurations on this device

For further information, see Configuring FollowMe Desktop.

Hardware information for individual devices is listed in the Properties window of the Scout Console. For further information, see Properties.