Defining rules for USB redirection

For the Citrix Workspace-App and VMware Horizon 4.1 and later versions, you can define USB filtering rules for USB redirection of connected USB devices from eLux.

  1. Type the required USB filtering rules into the appropriate configuration file:

    Application Configuration file Examples
    Citrix /setup/ica/usb.conf ALLOW: VID=0781 PID=5151
    DENY: CLASS=08
    VMware /setup/elux/.vmware/default-config viewusb.ExcludeFamily = "storage"
    viewusb.IncludeVidPid = "vid-0781_pid-5151"
  2. To transfer the configuration files to the devices, use the Scout feature Files configured for transfer. For further information, see Files configured for transfer.

On the next restart of the relevant devices, the USB redirection rules become active.