Webcams on devices are listed under USB > Information even if they are built in. To allow users to preview a webcam image, specify an app that can be used to display it.1The app supports multiple cameras, both built-in and USB-connected cameras.

Defining an app for camera preview

– from eLux RP 6 2107

In the eLux Desktop Extensions package, the feature package Web camera preview must be installed on the devices.This may require modifications of the image definition file on the web server via ELIAS.

  1. Add a new application and, in the Application properties, select the application type Defining custom applications.

  2. Edit the following fields:

    Option Description
    Name Name for the application
    Application Custom
    Parameter bash cameraPreview
  3. Confirm with Apply and OK.

When users launch the app, they select one of the connected cameras to get a preview of the camera image.If only one camera is available, the preview window is displayed when the app is started.

To disable the microphone of a webcam, define a USB rule.For further information, see Defining rules for using USB devices.