Options for all network profiles

Option Description
Name Name for the network profile (can be defined freely)
Connect automatically (except for LAN)
Internet connection test1 Each time a connection is set up, the system checks whether addresses on the Internet can be reached via the current network profile (LAN and WLAN). If a connection to the Internet cannot be set up, the system checks for the existence of a captive portal and, if available, redirects to it.
A connection test is automatically performed for WLAN profiles, provided that no central system proxy is defined.
OnFor LAN and WLAN network profiles, the Internet connection is automatically tested.
OffNo automatic connection test is performed. The device does not display any content in the browser and does not attempt to connect to external services or websites.

The option is protected by a dedicated object right (Device configuration > Network > Handling of network profiles > Internet connection test) and by a dedicated user right.2