Corporate WLAN

A corporate WLAN providing access to internal resources can be secured by 802.1X with firewall policies tailored to specific needs.

After having set up your WPA configuration file, you can deploy it wherever required. For further information, see WPA support.

With a corporate WLAN, you can allow users to create their own WLAN profiles in parallel. For example, a mobile device could use the provided LAN connection when it is attached to the docking station on the job, but change automatically to the corporate WLAN when undocked. Once the device is started in the home office, eLux connects to the manually configured WLAN.

For eLux RP 5, for a corporate WLAN, an additional dummy WLAN profile must be configured in the device configuration. For eLux RP 6, due to the new network stack, the steps described below are no longer required.

Configuring corporate WLAN with dummy profile

– for eLux RP 5 only –

  1. In the base device configuration, in Nework > Wireless LAN, create a new WLAN profile. This profile serves as a dummy profile and is invisible on the device:

    Option Wert Beschreibung
    Name #DUMMY# Using this name and SSID ensures that the WLAN profile on the device is invisible to the user. The name is mandatory.
    Connect automatically selected mandatory
    SSID #DUMMY#  
    Timeout   Use the default value.
    Channel   Use the default value.
    Encryption WPA (PSK)  
    PSK <Password> Use any string with eight or more characters.

    For further information, seeDefining a WLAN profile.

  2. Define an advanced file entry to merge the WLAN profiles:

    File /setup/terminal.ini
    Section Network
    Entry MergeWLANProfile
    Value true

    For further information, see Advanced file entries.

  3. Distribute your corporate WLAN configuration via a WPA configuration file.

    To define a higher priority than the manually created WLAN profiles (priority 5), set the Priority value to 6 or higher.

    For further information, seeWPA support.


Users can create individual WLAN profiles on the local device in addition to the corporate WLAN:

Creating a local WLAN profile

– for eLux RP 5 only; for eLux RP 6 see Adding a WLAN profile in the eLux guide –

  1. In the eLux control panel, in Setup > Network > Wireless LAN, add a new profile.

    If no network connection is available, the WLAN profile editor is displayed.

  2. In the Edit network profile dialog, select the Start automatically option.

  3. Edit the remaining fields. For further information, see Defining a WLAN profile.

  4. To connect to the defined WLAN for the first time, use the network icon of the systray and click the Connect button.

If a network connection is available, the connected network is shown in the systray when the mouse pointer is moved over the network icon.