Citrix auto-created printers

Citrix XenApp provides automatic configuration of printers (autocreated printers or dynamic printer mapping). When the user logs on through a Citrix connection, an automatic printer definition is created on the Citrix server. The printer definition can only be used by the logged-on user and is deleted when the user logs off.

Citrix uses either the specified printer driver or, if not available, the universal Citrix printer driver, which is not tied to any specific device.

Configuring local printer for auto-creating on the device:

1.  In Device configuration > Printer, specify one or more printers.

2.  In the Define Printer dialog, in the Name box, enter the Microsoft Windows printer's name precisely as listed in the drivers list of the server. The name is case-sensitive.

When the user connects to the Citrix server, the automatically created device printers are shown in the printer settings.

If the specific driver is not installed on the application server or the name is not identical, the printer can not be created and the universal Citrix printer is used.

Citrix Universal Printing

The universal Citrix printer and various printer settings can be configured on the Citrix server, administrator rights provided.

For further information, see the Citrix Product Documentation.