The CUPS server is installed by default on the devices (Print Environment (CUPS) package) and allows printing from local applications and the use of locally attached printers.

The Common UNIX Printing System™ (CUPS™) is a free-of-charge software from Easy Software Products.It provides a common printing interface within local networks and dynamic printer detection and grouping.For further information, see

The CUPS server can print to serial and parallel ports, USB and the network (LPD).

The CUPS printing system is particularly useful to print from local applications on the device (for example from Adobe Acrobat or a local browser).These local applications have PostScript as output format.If you do not have a PostScript printer, you are required to install a filter such as PostScript to PCL on the CUPS server.

CUPS web interface for print management

The eLux package Print Environment (CUPS) and the included feature package Web administration service must be installed on the devices.This may require modifications of the image definition file on the web server via ELIAS.

To manage print jobs, the user can access the CUPS web interface in a local browser with the following URL:


The web interface can also be used by the administrator to configure the CUPS server.To do this, you must enter the credentials for the local administrator account (LocalLogin and device password).