ThinPrint software from ThinPrint GmbH allows optimized network printing across various platforms. ThinPrint is a print protocol that, unlike TCP direct print, LPR or CUPS, allows bandwidth limitation. It is therefore recommended for networks with low bandwidth (WAN).

The software consists of a server component and a client component. The ThinPrint server processes the print data for the target printer and sends them to the device in compressed form. The ThinPrint client receives the print jobs from the server, decompresses and forwards them to the selected printer. ThinPrint server and client are connected via TCP/IP.

Configuring ThinPrint

1.  Install the ThinPrint client on the device.

2.  Connect a printer.

3.  In Device configuration > Printer > New, define the printer, and under ThinPrint, select the Connect option. Optionally, enter a class name of up to 7 characters.

4.  If you use Windows CE clients, in Device configuration > Printer under ThinPrint, select the relevant protocol.

5.  Configure the ThinPrint server. For further information, see the ThinPrint documentation on